Sunday, June 7, 2009

A {fun} cousin filled week!

This past week we were lucky enough to have Sis come stay with us and she brought Kamdin, Logan and Presley!!! We were needing a cousin fix and it was so fun to have them! The kids played constantly and enjoyed every minute! Bay tried one night to have a sleepover in Kamdin and Logan's room but surprise! they wouldn't go to sleep so I had to make her sleep in her bed :) Luckily we had great weather {the rain came in this weekend} and they played in the sand and on the tramp non-stop! Lynsie and Luke came over to join in the fun too! It was great! My kids have been sad since all the fun has gone so we'll have to do it again soon!! Love you guys!

{crazy jumpers!}

{cute Miss Presley!!}

{the kids got bug catchers for being so good and they found all the bugs, rocks and leaves they could to stuff them full!}