Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bay and Bos ... best buddies??

Baylee is so cute with Boston most of the time ... but lately she has been having serious jealousy issues! When Boston is needing me or anytime he starts crying at all, she comes running over to me and jumps on my lap and won't let me put her down. She knows he needs me and could be totally occupied in a game or movie and she drops everything so I can't pay poor baby any attention. It's a hard balance because I don't want her to resent him but he needs some attention every now and then too! Any advice for getting a better balance?! I know she loves him and she's been trying to play with him more and more and tries to get him to walk with her and tries to carry him around, which is a little scary! I know it will get better as he gets older but right now it's a little challenging! :) Gotta love it!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Week in Review!

It's been a crazy week and being out of internet until Friday, I decided to update the week real fast! I'll start with yesterday and go back so it keeps it in order :)
Saturday ...
Last night we went to a birthday party for our friend Preston ... it was so fun! Natalie picked a "Office" theme and we dressed up and played some trivia from the show! Tone dressed up like 'Roy' and I was 'Pam' ... I know, I'm a big fan of Jim and Pam but Jim was a little harder for Tone to pull off! He won himself a Dunder Mifflen golf ball in the trivia too (even though he answered that Angela's cat was Sparkles and not Sprinkles :) thanks Nat!) We had a great time and got to see their new house, which is beautiful! Here's a pic of us that dressed up ...

Before that we spent the afternoon at Roy Aquatic Center with the Chavez and Bushnell crew :) We had a great time! I think we're all a little pinker than before we went, but it was fun nonetheless! Baylee LOVES the water and Boston is learning that he does too! He's not afraid of it at all! He kept crawling deeper and deeper until his face was in too far and I'd turn him around! He loves to play with Tatum and was following her around crawling too! The big boys had fun doing flips off the diving board and going on the slides and were good to play with the kids too by giving them rides on their backs :) We love summer!

Friday ...
Today Baylee graduated from a weeks worth of swim lessons! Her teacher was Alexa and Baylee loved her! She learned how to blow bubbles with her nose, put her head underwater, straight leg kick on front and back while holding the stairs, supported back float for 10 seconds, jump off the side to Alexa and climb out without help. She was so proud of herself when she got her certificate, it was so cute!

after swim lessons Baylee, Boston and me met Carrie and Amy for lunch at Olive Garden. Carrie and Ben were in town visiting and we were excited to see her before she had to go back to Washington! Carrie and Amy are both the cutest pregnant girls ever! I'm sure they are having second thoughts after eating lunch with us 3! Bay and Bos are a handful somedays :)

Thursday ...
Tonight was Brandon's birthday and we went with the family and Dustin and Kassie to eat at Tepanyaki :) That is always a treat! We are glad we still are close with them even after moving 10 minutes away :) They are like family to us and we are so lucky to have them as friends! Earlier today we went to the park with April and the kids and then back to their house so that Charly and Baylee could run through the sprinklers! It was so fun ... Baylee didn't want to leave! (I'll put a few pics up when I get them from April ;) I forgot my camera that day!)

Wednesday ...
Another day at swim lessons and I had to put this picture up of Boston ... he was all tuckered out after eating breakfast and fell back asleep :)

Tuesday ...
Tone had his 2nd to last softball game tonight and they won! Yeah!! It was fun tonight, we had a great cheering section! Boston got sick in the middle of the game and puked all over the place ... thanks Auntie Jenn and Brady for helping clean him up and make him feel better :) Poor baby was cutting his 'fang' teeth and he gets really fevered and has a hard time keeping anything down. It only lasted 2 days this time so we're improving!

Monday ...
We started swim lessons and Nana came to watch! Baylee did so good! We went for ice cream after as a reward for us both! We watched 'Lost' tonight for FHE ... I know, not the perfect activity but we are almost through the 3rd season now and had to do it!

Sunday ...
Happy Father's Day! We had the family over for the celebration! We had a big BBQ and lots of good food! We love both our dads so much! I love my husband a father to my children too! Tone, you're the best! I'm the luckiest girl ever!

Well that's one week ... bring on the next! :)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Mom's Birthday!

Today is my mom's birthday! She shares this day with my Uncle Walt and Wes being a triplet :) So we went out to Uncle Wes's for a little BBQ and party to celebrate. I'm so lucky to have a mom like I do! She is the best example to me of what I'm striving to become. She is the most positive and happy person I've ever known. Even through all her trials, she has a smile on her face! She is our biggest supporter and is to every softball game, doctor visit, swimming lesson, tumbling recital, a drive to the airport, the birth of all the grandkids to date, moving (even the not so fun stuff) ... you name it! She's always there and probably always will be! She is the best Nana to my kids too and they love her unconditionally! We all love you mom! Happy, happy Birthday!!

Washington Trip - The Ocean - Jesse the Graduate!

So it's been a while since I've gotten a post and it's because we've been in a whirlwind of fun things! We go to go on a short but sweet vacation to Washington to celebrate Jesse graduating High School! Yeah! It's so nice to have that over! It's amazing to me that I'm coming up on my 10 years this year and it seemed like I'd just done it! We flew up with Lynsie and Luke on Wednesday and were so excited to spend a few days before the actual graduation! We got started on the first season of 'Lost' and now are becoming addicts like many I know :) Anthon and Jesse got out on the dirt bikes almost immediately after we got there! No suprise but they had a blast! Baylee was in heaven from the beginning seeing Mimi and Grandpa Arlo and was so excited to see Dukati (her dog as she still is adament about!)She loved the hot tub ... so did Boston and Lukey! Bay has now decided we need one here. Jesse and his cute friend Sarah came over for a while on Thursday and Baylee made friends instantly! Sarah is a cute friend! Then Friday Jesse's cute girlfriend Corrine came over with their new kitty and Baylee made another instant friend! She loves her uncle Jess so anyone that's a friend of his is a friend to her! It was fun to watch her! Nicoley got in on Friday and we all went out to the beach. She came with her cute friend Whitney and her little boy Tyler ... he's the cutest! It was the kids first time seeing the ocean, and even though it was really cold, they loved every minute! Boston was crawling all over the beach and Baylee played soccer and ran up and down the beach with the dogs! Tone and Dad built a roaring fire where we cooked up some hot dogs and smores (yum!) and Jesse and his cute girlfriend Corrine were crazy enough to take a swim in the freezing water! We had a great time! Saturday we got ready for graduation and it is held in a big barn ... they had a class of 137 and Jesse was the Class Speaker so it was really cool to hear him! He did awesome and said some great things! Our cute cousin Ali graduated too but from Monroe High so we didn't get to be there but they came to hang out after! We enjoyed getting everyone together that night and Baylee went with Dad and Grandpa Arlo on a 4wheeler ride ... she couldn't get enough! We had fun playing games and hanging out til about 2 am! We had to leave about 5:30 Sunday morning for the airport :( a little sleep deprived! We were so glad we could go up but as normal it went by too fast and we wish we could've stayed longer! Baylee is still reminding me that Mimi didn't want her to leave and we need to go back! Hopefully soon :) Here's some pictures from all the fun! Congrats again to the graduates!