Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Time for a recap!

Well I've failed miserably lately at keeping up my blog :) Between a trip to Powder Mountain, Anthon getting his wisdom teeth out, Time out for Women (for me, mom and Jess) and having to speak in church on Sunday ... I have had a lot on my mind and haven't got to updating! So here's a recap :)

We went to our condo up at Powder Mountain and had a blast! (I didn't get very many pics though) We extreme sledded every night and had lots of visitors throughout the weekend! Jesse learned how to ski with my mom and did awesome!

We've also been very sleep deprived thanks to Boston cutting all 4 molars at the same time! Poor kid ... but as you can see with the messes he still creates :) he's a happy kid!

Anthon has had pretty bad migraines as of late and a lot of pain in his teeth so finally went to the dentist and they found his top wisdom teeth had been coming in and were putting pressure on his back molars, so they had to be removed :) He never had problems with them before the mission so they didn't make him get them out then ... weird! So Friday morning I took him in and knowing he wouldn't be feeling great, I felt really bad abandoning him for Time Out that afternoon!

He got me tickets to go for Christmas so he was persistant and Jesse said he'd help with the kids so I went! It was amazing! Absolutely worth it! If you haven't gone, you really need too! It's put on by Deseret Book and they tour all over the US and put these conferences on. (if you want to see more go here ... http://deseretbook.com/time-out)

It was more than a needed retreat and my mom got us a hotel in Ogden so we felt like we had a bit of a break and then we had more Time Out fun Saturday! We didn't get out of the meeting until 4 and I was feeling like I should get home and help take care of Tone plus I needed to finish my Sacrament talk and Mom and Dad B were coming in town from Washington that night so I had to get things back together ... then I got a text from Tone saying "kids are bathed, bos is asleep, beds made, floors and chairs washed in kitchen, tree is down, bathrooms cleaned, jesse's room is also and i'm working on fixing the towel racks and i even fixed bays hair how she wanted" That angel! I had a total break and came home to a clean house and he even put a roast, with potatoes and carrots in the oven so we had dinner when mom and dad came! I was soooo spoiled! I got through my talk Sunday and am so glad that it's over! Mom and Dad B. headed to Roosevelt right after Sacrament meeting and last night Nicole had Baby Presley Anita! She was 7lbs 8oz and is a beautiful little baby! I'm excited to have a new niece and am so happy for Sis and Bry!

So my goal now is to do better so I don't have these super long posts :) Happy day!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Baylee wants to be a SunBeam!

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We've been really talking up Primary since Nursery has been so difficult for Baylee to like and today was our first experience with Sunbeams! To say the least, it was a traumatizing experience! She was so excited and told me the other day that she wanted a Book of Mormon to bring to Primary with her, so my mom made her the cutest church bag for her with a Book of Mormon and some flashcards of the prophets and Jesus pictures and brought it to her this morning ... it was so cute and Baylee was so happy to go to church today. She had been telling me all morning how excited she was to be a Sunbeam and after Sacrament I walked her to the Primary room and introduced her to her teachers and she sat in her chair with her little church bag on her lap and tried to be brave but started to cry as soon as I started to go. I told her I'd sit with her for a minute during the singing time and she loved it ... she sang the songs and listened to the story in sharing time. Then the time came to go to her class and have their lesson (it didn't help that there was 3 other little boys and no girls but her in the class) and she was suddenly a nervous wreck and started crying again as I tried to leave. Her teachers were so sweet and told me to go anyway and she could cry it out for a minute ... so I did and could hear her on the other side of the building as I got to my YW class. After about 3 minutes the Primary president came to get me to let me know that Baylee had gotten a bloody nose and her teacher was in the bathroom with her and Bay was hysterical. I went straight over and apparently Bay had gotten herself so worked up that her nose started to bleed and it was gushing ... on top of that she started to throw up blood clots (sorry ... too graphic) and it took me and her sweet teacher about 10 minutes to get it to stop! I told her thanks so much for all her help but we'd have to attempt class next week ... Baylee had put the class through enough for one day :) Bay was excited as usual to be a YW and come to class with the 'big' girls. As we got in my class, she very loudly (still shooken up) tells me and my class "Mom, your class is much better than my class." Soooo funny! Better luck next week I hope!

Friday, January 2, 2009

The {PaRtY} girl!

Baylee had the day all planned out ... she wanted to go bowling and then eat at Braza Grill and as luck would have it Utah played in the Sugar Bowl too so we got to have that great game on while the kids played! Baylee {shockingly} got spoiled :) She ended up with tons of good Hannah Montana stuff too ... including a wig which she wore all night! I made her a doll cake with a doll she had picked out and Tone has been working on a doll house for her {which is almost done}! It was a great day and thanks to all the family for making it so special! We love you Baylee! Happy 4th!!

My little girl is 4!! How did that happen?!

I can't believe Baylee is 4 today! She grew up so fast! I loved her the minute I knew I was having her and it has grown every minute I've had her! She's been such a joy in our home and I feel so blessed to be entrusted with such a beautiful little girl! Happy Birthday Baby!! {I'll post party pics too!}