Saturday, May 30, 2009

YAY for summer and boating and Pineview!!

This is a sad picture post because somehow in hurrying off to the lake, I forgot my camera! dang!! Luckily April brought hers :) So I figured I'd better document it now so I keep things in order and I'll add pictures later! {I haven't got the pics from April yet so if you want to see some of the pics anytime soon ... go HERE and check out her blog to see them!}

It was a gorgeous day and I'm sure there will be many to follow! The boat ran perfect for her first time on the lake this summer! Boston was a maniac and wanted to be in the lake the whole time! He luckily has a handle on his life jacket because I was constantly pulling him back in the boat and on my lap! He rode the tube with Tone too and laughed the whole time! Bay didn't want to get in this time but hopefully she'll warm back up fast! There's nothing better than being on the lake with the family! LOVE SUMMER TIME!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Charly's 4th bday party!!!

WOW! I swear it was yesterday that April and I were both pregnant with these little girls and they are now 4! Unbelieveable!! Charly had the funnest 'animal' party today and we got in on both parties! Her friend party was in the afternoon and we stayed through dinner and the family party too :) It was a fun-filled day! Charly and Baylee are the cutest friends and it's so fun to see them close like April and I were when we were little ... not that we still aren't ... we have stayed that way for 29 years! Well ... Charly loves all animals and so this was a fitting party for her! She even got a hamster and the cutest pink cage for him for her birthday! The kids all brought their favorite stuffed animal from home and played 'guess the animal by the sound I make' game, pin the tale on the donkey, giant bubble blowers and Savanah did a couple cute animal games for them too! I took 300 pictures because they were sooooo cute the whole day! I'll try to narrow them down though :) April is a cake genious and made the cutest Giraffe and Pig cakes for her too!

Happy Birthday Miss Cha! Love you girly!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day!

We've made a bit of a tradition now by going up to the cemetary and Baylee helps clean off my Grandma Wright and Grandpa Dunford's headstones. She really looks forward to helping Nana and Papa and it is so fun to tell her stories about who they were since she never got to meet them. Boston doesn't get it the same yet but hopefully next year :) For now he enjoyed all the pinwheels and flags and tried to take a few home with him! Here's a few pics from the Kaysville Cemetary ...

After we went over to Mom and Dad's for a hot dog roast and dinner out in their backyard! I love summer time and we all look forward to these nights! Aunt Louise, Uncle John, Emily and Grandpa Wright and Grandma Dunford all came too! It was so fun! Sorry for the picture overload but I can't miss a moment! :)

so I decided to collage the rest ... I could've posted all night :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Jackson Hole ...

I know I'm way overdue {as usual} for an update but I guess it's only going to get worse the longer I procrastinate!

Mom and Dad invited me and Anthon to go to Jackson Hole with them and stay at the Teton Club {which was awesome!!} and we asked Jess and Ty if the kids could stay with them a couple nights ... which after the disaster they created for me earlier in the week I was needing a break :) They gladly took them and the kids were sooooo excited! We got up to Jackson Thursday afternoon and after checking in, went into town for a little shopping and dinner. We ate at the Cadillac Grille, which is awesome, and then headed back to the condo. The weather was perfect! Tone and I went to relax in the hot tubs and then we all played games until 1am! Friday we were planning on going river rafting but there wasn't too many people going yet as the water was pretty high so we decided to go into the Park ...

Mom worked at Signal Mtn Lodge for quite a few summers before she married Dad and it was fun to go by where she worked and see the Lodge still there! This is the lake she worked on and what a gorgeous backdrop! I made Tone pull over to get a pic ... he wouldn't open his eyes for a pic but it was still beautiful!

other than this cute little friend I made,

we only saw a bunch of elk ... oh and I think we saw some cranes too ... I thought they were ostrich's but after getting laughed at pretty good realized they weren't in these neck of the woods! Here's a couple more shots that I have to share ...

{I literally had to hang out the window to take this because Tone wasn't going to pull over any more for me to take more landscape pictures! ha!}

We got back to the condo and cleaned up so we could go to opening night at the Bar J Ranch! We were so excited we got there opening weekend! It is always great fun and they put on a fantastic dinner and show! We got there early enough to get in on some of the dutch oven scones they do and to watch them cook all the steaks on their huge grill {which dad and Tone loved to watch}.

If you've never been here, it's so worth it! They are so funny!

Saturday we got up and took a tram ride to the top of Rendezvous Mountain {where we were staying}! It was an amazing view!! It's the first tram in Jackson and just opened up this past winter. There was a ton of skiers still going up and off-trail and a lot of para-sailers jumping off the mountain when we reached the top! It looked like fun ... maybe next time we'll brave it!

Thanks again Dad and Mom for everything! It was an amazing trip and so fun to be with you! oh and on a side note ... the kids were so good for Jess and Ty ... how that happened, I don't know! They both slept all night and Bay even slept in her own bed! Crazy! Thanks again for making it possible for us to leave and not have to worry about our kiddies!! Love you all!

Monday, May 18, 2009

can't I have a reset button??

I woke up this morning with a couple texts from Tone asking me to do some emails and work stuff so I got the kids involved {or so I thought} with Mickey Mouse and Special Agent OSO ... they were being so quiet and good I kept thinking how nice it was to not have them hanging on my legs crying for my attention! I kept working ... I should've taken the 'quiet' hint and checked on them but I didn't want to disrupt my good children ... after about 30 minutes Bay came in and asked for more juice and I turned around to see her covered from head to toe in baby powder! The initial panick set in because I had just bought a brand new, large baby powder because Bos had just used up the other one ... I tried to be calm and asked where the bottle was. Bay responded "well, it's all gone but don't worry mom it's not that bad!" I said "should I come look or can you clean it up before I get back to your room?" the response "don't worry mom, but just keep working" RIGHT! I took a deep breath {I needed a really big one!} I found this ...

now ... you might be thinking "it's not that bad!" but look close to Bay's mess of a table ... she has scissors which she used to open a big bottle of bubbles that hadn't been opened yet and they used to make a glue like paste with the baby powder ... they filled the wheelbarrow with that. Then they squirted Bos's baby lotion into the mix! Lots of fun! so I took a deep breath, threw my angelic kids in the tub and grabbed my camera {someday it will seem more humorous!}

how can they be so naughty?? seriously! So if I could have 'reset' today ... I would never have let them out of my sight and put off work a little longer :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Jennie Wife & Mother

M = M is for My, Jennie is the best mom there is & ever will be.
O = O is for Opposition in all things, you even me out when I'm a freak.
T = T is for Thoughtful, you are the most thoughtful mom & wife I know no matter what.
H = H is for Heart, moms have to have big hearts for all the Love that comes out of them.
E = E is for Ever, because we will always be together FOREVER.
R = R is for Respect, because you always hold us & others i the highest respect for that people will always respect you.
S = S is for an occasional Sorry when needed. The kids & I need a lot of these & you are so quick to forgive, thank you.

D = D is for Dang it. Dang it because you're still so Dang Sexy!!
A = A is for attitude. It takes a strong willed attitude to put up with me & lately you've pulled me through tough times, thanks for your awesome attitude.
Y = Y is for YOU! I love YOU, We love you!! Always & Forever Firm & True!!

Tone, Bay & Bos

{picture posted by Jennie after the sweet post from Tone! that was a little much to figure out on his first blog post :) love you honey!}

Saturday, May 9, 2009

boston + applesauce = puppy!

we laughed so hard watching bos learn how to eat applesauce! i am glad i caught a moment on camera :) he is a little puppy at heart!