Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Princess Party Time!!

Today was cute Charly's 3rd birthday! She's such a sweet little girl! We love her so much! She had a princess party with Baylee, Ellie and Kate today! It was so fun, they all came as a different princess and played games and had a tea party! What more could you ask for?! Enjoy the pics!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day visits!

We spent the afternoon going to visit the cemetary and see my Grandma Wright and Grandpa Dunford's gravesites (along with several other friends and family that are there too). My mom and dad came up with us and Dad and Baylee cleaned the graves and left some flowers. Baylee helped clip the grass around and wash the dirt off their headstones. After Baylee got to help Nana and Dad put the flag up at their house too. We are helping her learn the Pledge of Alligence and it's so cute to here her say it! We enjoyed the weekend even with the rain :)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Playing at the Crosland Farm

We spent the afternoon at the Crosland farm today with Luke and Amy and some of their other friends. Luke and Anthon had fun racing around on some mini bikes and Baylee's highlight was getting to ride Isacc (their horse). So fun! Boston got to go with me on his first 4-wheeling ride too! We had a little BBQ and enjoyed being with them! Thanks for having us over :)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tagged! by Sis and Mollie

Ok so I have a couple tags to catch up on so here we go with the first one...

A) Pick-up the nearest book
B) Turn to page 123
C) Find the 5th sentence
D) Post the 5th sentence
E) Tag 5 more people

A) I have been reading 'The Host' but since that would be the same line that Sis had I decided to pick up the other book we've been reading together which is 'Narnia' (we've been re-reading so we were ready for 'Prince Caspian' which is awesome bytheway!)
B) Ok
C) Did it
D) "But when you are dead what will prevent me from killing him as well?" (sounds scary eh?! It's when the witch is asking Aslan when she kills him what would prevent her from going after the kids)
E) April, Jessica, Mom, Addie, and Suzanne

ok now this one is a tag about Baylee ... she was tagged by Mollie Bradley so here's 8 things about our cute Baylee girl:

1. Baylee is full of energy like no other! From the moment her eyes open she is going a hundred miles an hour! I love every minute but I need the naps trying to keep up with her and she is long past naps, even though about 5 or 6pm we get a taste of why naps are really important :) She loves to play dress up! She's out of her jammies and in a princess dress within minutes of waking! She proceeds to go
through at least 5 different dresses in the next few minutes after that! As soon
as I get her snapped in one she's got another one ready to change into! If
she's not in a dress up she's in her underwear! I don't know why I
attempt to buy her anything but dressups and panties!

2. She loves to color, she has at least 30 books that have every page colored! She gets a new book and it's colored by the end of the day!

3. She loves animals! Since she was little she's chased any number of dogs around and luckily they've all been very patient! Jess's dog Jersey is her number one pal though ... the are so funny together! They wrestle and chase each other around for hours! She loves to go to petting zoos and ride ponies too! (she doesn't just pet however ... hugs are not optional!)

4. She loves to help with Boston! The second she hears any noise from his
crib she starts jumping up and down and yells 'yeah boston's awake!'
then she runs to his room and hops in his crib too ... so if he wasn't
ready to wake up yet, he will be!

5. She is such a cuddley, huggy and kissy girl! She is always wanting to hold
me or dad and is always planting big ol kisses on us too! It seems to have gotten even more so since having Boston, the second I pick him up she thinks I need her too! She has even started telling me 'don't hold us both just hold me.' Nice eh?!

6. She loves to play outside! She loves going on walks, coloring sidewalk chalk and playing in her sandbox! Tone just set it up at the new house this last week and she's only had a day or so of good playing weather! If there's sand, a pool or a tramp it's almost impossible to get her back in!

7. She loves to ride in daddys truck! Anytime she can go work with daddy
it makes her day! I usually have a bag of treats for her with plenty
of movies for the day too which helps ;)

8. She loves loves loves to sleep right smack dab in between mom and dad!
We've tried everything to help her in her own bed to no avail! We've
decided that there will come a day that she won't want much to do with
us so we'll take it while we can! She's growing up so fast its scary!
We love u Bay!

Ok so there's my 8 things about Baylee! There's hundreds more too! She now tags: Charly Stettler, Ellie Hill (k Paige here's insentive to get your blog going!), Kamdin Skeem, Hunter Gnehm, and Cody Crosland.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Tumbling Graduation

Tonight was Baylee's tumbling show at Miss Missy's house. It was so fun and she's learned alot from Miss Missy! Baylee's friend Ellie was in the class so that was insentive enough for Baylee to join and she's loved it and made lots of new friends! She was telling one of our neighbors that she got to go to tumbling with Miss Missy and the little girl asked who that was and I told her it was her teacher and Baylee corrected me quickly and said "no mom, Miss Missy is my friend!" So cute! It has been a great experience! Thanks again Missy!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Baby Will's Blessing Day!

Dustin and April blessed their beautiful baby William today! It was such a perfect day and the weather couldn't have been nicer! The kids all had so much fun together and Dustin grilled up some great food too! Thanks for sharing with us!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bowling with the Barnes's

Tonight we went for bowling and pizza with Mike, Mindee, Lincoln and Rian. We had so much fun! Baylee hasn't ever bowled before so this was really fun for her! She bowled a 79 and Linc beat her with an 81. They had fun the first game but then learned the bowling aide could be a slide and decided that was much more fun!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Powder Mtn. Trip

My parents had our condo at Powder Mountain for the week and so I took the kids up with my mom and Jessica and Hunter to enjoy some much needed R & R! We had a great time and Dad and Anthon came up and down most nights and the last night we had Tyler, Joe, Jenn, Brookie, Brax and some of his buddies come too. Dad's birthday fell on the 2nd day we were up here so I made him his favorite spice cake with carmel frosting and we headed down the mountain to eat at Braza Grill and hit the boys softball game. We played lots of cards and taught Baylee 'Go Fish'. We spent lots of time in the pool and played some basketball one afternoon to get a little exercise :) Baylee had a classic moment while we were playing in the gym she found a pretty red box on the wall and couldn't help but wiggle her little hand inside and pull down which scared her to death (along with us) when lights started flashing and the loudest alarm started going off! All the workers came rushing in to make sure there wasn't a fire and call the firetrucks at the bottom of the mountain so they wouldn't come all the way up. Wow! About an hour later we saw the fire trucks heading back down the mountain and were so embarassed that they drove all the way up for a false alarm! (I guess the dispatch immediately because it's so far up the mountain!) We really did have a great time and Boston started doing a couple new tricks as you can see in the pictures! Funny little boy! Who knows, maybe standing on your head is relaxing!

helping with the dishes

checking out the fridge

Monday, May 12, 2008

Bay and Charly


Baylee and Charly are so cute! I know about 25 years ago this was me and April! Our mom's love to see this as do we! They are the bestest little friends! They had such fun playing at Aunt Liz's while we celebrated our mother's day ... I'll get more pics up soon :)
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