Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What to do when it snows 18"?!

So today we got hit {hard} with the white stuff! Like 18" hard! Crazy!! So what do you do when it snows that hard?? Well I deep cleaned the house while the kids looked out the window :) (well they played some too)

then Tone came home and the kids wanted to go play in the snow so we bundled them up and undertook the challenge of shoveling it all! Luckily our {awesome} neighbors helped with their 4-wheeler a little too! I made it down the sidewalk and thought I was going to die! Bay was in heaven and Bos found himself a little spot to sit and watch :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

{love} is in the air!

I {love} to take pictures of my kids and always need an excuse so with Valentines coming up I thought I'd get some :) Jess brought Hunter over for the fun too! Here's what we finally captured ...

now I need some of these!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My newest venture :)

So I have been in a Stampin' Up club for 2 years now and have {loved} every minute! My awesome demonstrator Addie decided that she was going to retire and it got me thinking ... I should become a demonstrator myself! I have a room full of Stampin' Up things and am slightly obsessed with adding to my collection :) What I decided to do is to start a club of my own! I am planning on starting in March and we'll do some cute Easter projects. I want to have about 10 people in a group and we will get together once a month and do 2 or 3 projects. Usually cards, or cute little boxes, or whatever I can come up with for that month. There is no cost to make the projects. I plan them, and everyone makes them and takes them home. You need to place an order of $15.00 or greater if you like:) and that's it! Each person gets a month to be hostess and will for sure get $15.00 of free products and also get to earn a free stamp set or product in the level 1 category that month. You could invite more people on your month too and boost your sales to earn more free stuff! It is SO much fun talking and hanging out for that hour-hour and a half. It is a good break and fun to leave with a cute project you created. (and I PROMISE I won't pressure to sell you on more...I hate when people do that to me, so I definitely won't do that!) So basically....I want to see who would be interested in being in the club! If you know any other of your friends or family that might want to join, let them know too! If you want to see the catalog you can view the it HERE . I've also started a blog that I will update with upcoming projects and some things I've made. :) There's a really awesome promotion that started Feb. 1st and runs through March 31st! You can check that out HERE . (it's