Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Boston Walking!!

Bos has been taking some precarious steps for a bit now, but he's got it down pretty good! This is one of the first times he started taking steps together (sorry it's taken me so long to download it!) Now I'm really in for it, another big kid! Oh and sorry you have to kink your head to watch it :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Visitors :)

We had Nicole and Brydon up here this weekend! Yay! It was so fun to see them twice in 2 weeks! Saturday me, Sis and Lynsie went to a baby shower for our cousin Alli and then Tone and Bry went riding up Bountiful canyon when we got back. We had a late dinner that night with everyone and then Sunday after church we had a big roast dinner ... it was so nice! Lynsie brought fresh potatoes to go with it! It was great and so fun to have them all here! Here's a few pics of the kids ... they found the sprinklers very entertaining :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bay's new hair-do!

Today we were over at Jess's and we were looking through some projects in her craft room, the boys had pulled out a bunch of scissors to play with and they aren't the sharp ones so we didn't think much about it. I suddenly realized it was way too quiet and Baylee was MIA with a few scissors. I walked into Hunter's room and found this ...
Sooooo scary! My heart stopped seeing all the hair that was cut off and thinking she would be bald! This is what she did to her pony tail ... I figured we might get lucky and be able to layer it depending on where it was cut from. I pulled her pony out and this is what we saw ... Ahhh! Slighty one sided eh?! So in a panic I called April and was thinking of how I was going to get her hair in braids for Halloween since she's planning on being Dorothy. When in doubt ... April is the best! and she pulled off the layering ... Thanks April! I think she looks more grown up now but she has a cute 'do' in spite of it all!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Visit to Roosevelt :)

This weekend we took a short drive out to Roosevelt for a much needed visit to Sis and Bry's new house! We got there Friday afternoon and Sis had dinner planned and the kids started playing out on the playground immediately! Tone brought his bike down too so he could go riding with Brydon ... they took a short trip Friday to scope things out and went most of the day Saturday. Me and Sis took the kids to the park in town and they had a blast! Bay grabbed Logan's hand there and said "come on honey, we're going to the temple" ... we cracked up for a while about that! They always have such fun together! Thanks for putting us up Sis! Love you! Here's some pictures from the weekend ...

the girls!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

3 things ...

I've been tagged by a few people on this ... sorry I'm a slacker! Auntie Denise, Jodie, Brandie and Alli ... here ya go!

3 joys, 3 fears, 3 current obsessions, & 3 surprising facts.

3 Joys
*My hubby Anthon for sure! He's my other half and as cheesy as it sounds we complete each other well!
*My Baylee girl! Wow I love her so much and we have a great relationship already. I hope we can be best friends like I am with my mom!
*My Boston boy! He is my little pal! I love every second with him and he is so adventuresome already I will be on my toes for quite a few years I think!

3 Fears
*Having one of my kids kidnapped ... I know death would be extremely hard but at least I would know where they were and that they were safe.
*Turning around and my kids are all grown up! It feels like they are getting there too fast already!
*Something happening to Tone ... no more falling off roofs or getting run over by jet skis! :)

3 current obbsessions
*Stampin up! I love to make cards and scrapbooks for my kids!
*Photograpy ... I am obsessed with finding cute photo blogs and taking pics of my kids ... I love my new camera and am enjoying my new hobby!
*All the new fall shows coming out! I love 'Fringe' (by the 'Lost' guys so we might be kept in the dark 5 years before we know what's going on!) I can't wait for 'House' 'The Office' 'Friday Night Lights' 'Lost' '24' 'Private Practice' 'Samantha Who?' 'CSI's' 'NCIS' ... ok you get the picture :)

3 surprising facts
*I am a junk food junkie :) well if you know me that won't be too surprising but I love milk duds and dr. pepper!
*I love to shop! shocked?! I love purses, shoes and seriously own 30 pairs of jeans ... they are the best! My current favs are Big Star jeans so maybe I could cut back on some of the others :)
*I love football! I seriously could watch college all day Saturday and pro all day Sunday ... it's so relaxing and it's one of my favorite parts of fall!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Boat day!

We spent a few hours up at Pineview today with the Stettler fam :) It was such a nice day and so fun to get the boat out on the lake! Boston got on the tube first with Tone and he seemed to enjoy himself! We had a great time and maybe a last hurrah until next summer!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Our baby is 1!!

I can't believe how fast a year has flown by! A lot happened in it but still ... Boston turned 1 today! Wow! We have loved every minute of this boy ... he has the best little tempermant and is so loving and patient! He's into it all right now ... he loves to discover every drawer and has learned how to unscrew knobs on any dresser in sight :) he's his daddy's boy! His new favorite thing to do is climb up on anything and everything! He climbed the stairs at 7 months so I'm not too suprised by his interest! Boston we love you so much and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


We ended up having quite the house full :) Tone and Dad B. grilled up some good BBQ food and we enjoyed the company! We were lucky to have Grandpa Arlo, Mimi and Jess come down from Washington to celebrate Cindy's birthday as well as Bostons :) Papa and Nana, Aunt Sis, Uncle Brydon, Kamdin, Logan, Aunt Nin, Uncle Ken, Luke, Aunt KaKa, Uncle Ty, Hunter, Aunt Jenn, Uncle Joe, Braxton, baby Caroline, Aunt April, Uncle Dustin, Vanah, Wyatt, Charly, Will, our adopted Uncle Brandon and Aunt Brady, Brycie, Boston and our other adopted Grandpa Jeff and Grammie NeNe and Gavin ... Boston got more than a little spoiled and we had a great afternoon with our family and friends! Thank you all for your support and friendship! After the party we had some family pictures taken by April (they turned out great!! Thanks sweetie!) then we headed to Olive Garden for birthday dinner for Grammie Mimi! It was a great day! Boston couldn't have been cuter! Enjoy the pics ...