Saturday, March 28, 2009

girls day!

Every year in the springtime all the girls in my family get together for a luncheon at the JS Building or Lion House down in Salt Lake to celebrate the life of my Great Grandma Clark. It has been a great tradition and is so fun to now share it with Baylee! My cute Grandma and her sisters have a wonderful legacy and I love to learn more about their life and the life of their parents. Baylee had so much fun with Charly, Savanah and Aspyn too!

It was fun spending the day with the girls and I got to go to the YW General Meeting with Mom a few hours later and we got some dinner after at Red Lobster! It was a great day and a needed break after spending the last few days quarantined in the house with a sick Boston :( Thanks Tone for taking care of him all day so I could be with the 'girls'!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

i {love} the weekends!

It's soooo nice when Anthon is home on the weekends and when I have to get up at 7 in the morning with Boston he says "I got it ... go back to bed!" That is the best! So I woke up to Boston running in my room a couple hours later looking like this ...

Tone thought it was funny to make Bos look like a pirate! He was pretty happy with his new look! Baylee tried to color herself blue too :) Funny kids!

Monday, March 9, 2009

My Preschool going girl!

{ohhh} how I love this girl! We just filled out her registration form and a 'getting to know you' for pre-school this fall! I can't believe she's old enough to start school but she is soooo excited and ready! A few things we are working on before she goes to 'The Little Brick Schoolhouse' is 1- letting me do her hair everyday without a fight {way harder than you think!} 2-writing her name 3-she already knows how to say her numbers and alphabet but we're working on recognizing them and writing them out ... she's so smart though and it's fun to see her excited to learn! I thought I'd share her answers to her 'getting to know you' form!
1- I have a pet ... "dog named Kati and she lives with my Mimi"
2- I like to ... "have fun playing with Boston in my sandbox"
3- My best friends are ... "Charly and Wyatt and I love Wyatt and Ellie and {not} Boston cuz he's my brother.
4- My favorite color is ... "pink, no purple, no really it's black"
5- My favorite food is ... "mashed potatoes, carrots, and lasagna and bread"
6- I don't like ... "yams or sweet potatoes"
7- When I grow up I want to ... "be a sunbeam or a rock star or just a mommy like you!"
8- Something that is special about me ... "I love to hug my friends am a good colorer and love my family and the temple and sing songs and am a really nice friend."

Sunday, March 8, 2009

My {big} nursery going boy!!

Boston went to nursery today! He was a pro already! He didn't even put up a fight ... he went right to the toys and his friend Logue was playing in there too so that helped but he didn't even notice me leave! {sniff, sniff} well I really am excited! I might actually make it to my classes now! I peaked in at him a couple times and he was clapping and doing actions to 'popcorn popping' ... his teachers said he was great! Tone picked him up and he was waving his picture they colored and soooo excited! I {love} this age!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

my {29th} birthday!

Wow! 29 years old! I don't know why but it seems the years go by faster and faster! Today was a great day! Anthon and the kids spoiled me good :) We went to lunch at Red Lobster with Dustin, April, Charly and Will and then Tone took me shopping for a few things. He got me some clothes and decorations for the shelf he built me and a new hutch for my office desk. We had dinner with Jessica and Hunter at home and then Mike and Mindee and kids came to visit and have cake and ice cream! It was fun to spend the day with great family and friends! I'm so lucky to have both! Thanks to everyone for making it such a great day!

here's a pic of my cute shelf too!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Baby Presley gets blessed!

oh I {love} this beautiful niece of mine! I finally got to meet Miss Presley! We got to go down for her blessing this weekend and spend the night with Sis and Brydon! It was soooo fun to be together with our family! Brydon did a great job on her blessing! I had to take a couple pictures of her too :) Thanks for letting us stay with you all! Love and miss you already!