Saturday, March 29, 2008

a Day at the Park

I have days where I wish I lived somewhere that was warm all the time! Today is one of those days ... at the beginning of the week we were able to play outside and enjoy a great day of about 60 degrees :) We went on a long walk and played at the park and it was so nice to be able to do something in the sun! I am sitting at the kitchen table looking at the snow fall right now and wishing Mother Nature would quit teasing us with the good weather and then throwing the snow back on the ground! Oh well, the joys of the ever changing Utah weather!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Twilight for Dummies

Ok my friend Addie had sent me this link to check out and Oh my gosh! I laughed so hard! So, all of my 'Twilight' buddies need to read this! This guy calls himself the Normal Mormon Husband and has a hilarious blog and it has been quite entertaining to read I had to put a post in about it :) He also just put a post up about the Simon/Paula effect that cracked me up! Here's the link to the Twilight for Dummies ... or just click on the title on this blog :) Enjoy!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter time :)

We were more than a little ready for a down day after the busy weekend but we enjoyed one more family filled, crazy day! :o) Baylee woke up so excited because she has been hoping all week that the Easter Bunny would remember to bring her 'Enchanted' ... in fact at the wedding she was introducing herself as 'Giselle' or 'Enchanted' to everyone she met! It took her a minute to find her basket, she found daddy's and Boston's first before finally finding hers! She was so excited! We then got ready and went to church with Nana and Papa and then back to their house to open some wedding presents with the Newlyweds before heading to Aunt Jane's for a big family dinner and "treasure hunt" as Bay called it! We had a great day! Boston didn't get too much what was going on but loved to chew on his basket but Bay really got into it! That makes it all worth it to see the excitement! Happy Easter to you all!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Wedding Day!

Today was such a great day! I didn't think to pull my camera out until the end of the night but we did have a great photographer and I'll post more pics when we get them back from her! Joe and Jenn both looked so great and are so happy together! Dad performed a beautiful ceremony and aside from Baylee trying to dance in front of everyone during it, it was perfect! :) Baylee walked great down the isle and I kind of forgot that we would all be standing up there in line next to Joe and Jenn so she had to attempt to stand by us quietly ... I had told her prior to the wedding that she could dance at it, so that is exactly what she wanted to do! It was pretty funny looking back but I was stressed a little during the whole ceremony! Thanks for all our family and friend support there! It was a great tribute to them both!

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Joe & Jenn's Wedding Dinner!

Tonight was Joe and Jenn's wedding dinner! We ate at Jasoh's up in Ogden ... It was awesome! We were so happy to be able to celebrate with so many friends and family! It was a great tribute to both Joe and Jenn! Hopefully tomorrow will go smoothly ... I'm up so late because I can't stop worrying about Baylee cooperating and going down the isle like an angel :) and not screaming and ranting or running up and down tossing the flowers at people! I'm sure I'll post about this event soon enough though! Until then, I'm praying! Congrats you two! Love you both!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Mom and Dad's 30 anniversary pictures

Mom and Dad are coming up on their 30th year together in April! Awesome! They got some really fun pictures and wanted to add the growing families all in there too! These are some of the ones we got, our family picture needs some serious editing with some head swaps to make it work! Anthon was less than cooperative with his smiling abilities and between Bay and Bos trying to make it work in the same shot just didn't happen :) After we get the edits back we'll try to post some more! Congrats Mom and Dad ... We love you!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's been a while since I've done anything on the kids (sorry Mom and Dad B.!) We've been inundated with fun things from birthdays to wedding stuff and baby showers ... etc. :) We have been loving every minute of it but are looking for things to settle a bit! Here's a little update on the kids ...

An Update on Bay ...

Our cute Baylee is finally getting this potty thing down! It's been a rough road between the new baby and the move, but she's doing awesome! She's also started tumbling this last week with a friend of ours 'Miss' Missy (as she calls her :) ) and her friend Ellie is in the class too! She loves it! I was a little worried after her first class cuz she was a fireball in there running everywhere (we are working on her listening skills!) but all week she's been practicing at home and asking when she can go back to Miss Missy's house. Her favorite movie right now is Narnia and she has decided that she is Lucy and anytime I call her Baylee ... she corrects me! I am Susan and Tone is Peter and after some reasoning, Boston is Edmund! ... She had a hard time letting him be Edmund because he's a baby and can't talk and Edmund is a big boy she says! She has such an imagination! She loves her princesses too ... she's earned them all with the potty thing :) She's such a fun, energetic little girl and she is such a big helper with Bos! She keeps me on my toes! I've been prepping her on how she gets to be walk down the isle in Joe's wedding next week ... keep your fingers crossed that she's cooperative! Here's a few pics of her as of late ...

An Update on Bos ...

Boston just turned 6 months! How fast time flys!! He's a rolling machine! I used to be able to lay him in one spot and he'd be there when I got back ... not anymore! He can roll and scoot himself all over the place! He gets on his belly and does the balance thing too! It's hilarious! It's been fun to see him growing! We went to the Dr. for 6 month shots and checkup and he is 20 lbs and 28.5 inches long! I'm getting serious muscles carrying him around! :) He officially loves to eat! He's really not too picky (other than when Nana tried to feed him fresh applesauce!) He loves Sweet Potatoes, Squash, Pears, Applesauce and an occasional bowl of soup from Tepanyaki :)! He is up for a big smile anytime you make eye contact with him or tickle him! He's the most ticklish baby I've ever seen from his toes to under his chin! It's so funny ... he gets laughing so hard! He's the best little baby! We're lucky to have him! Here's some pix of him too :)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The BIG 2-8!

Well another year has come and gone! Crazy how time flys! I got more than a little spoiled today! Tone woke me up with my favorite breakfast ... scrambled eggs with cheese, toast and bacon :) so nice! Then he took the kids and sent me to the spa with my mom and sister! That was a serious needed break! We had pedicures and massages and a great time together! He then planned a dinner with some family and friends at Tepanyaki! We all love that! We finished off at our home and had cake and ice cream! I feel so blessed to have the family and friends I do! I can't thank everyone enough for celebrating with me and taking the time to send good wishes and bring great gifts! Happy day for me!