Wednesday, April 21, 2010

return from 'hiatus' ...

Soooooo long since I've been in the 'blogging world'! I do have a pretty good reason and I'm hoping it gets better from here on out ;) I am going to {slowly} catch up the last 9 months but it's more for my record keeping than anything! For now I will just post what I can starting now ...

So to give a quick recap of the last 9 months we pretty much have just been getting ready for this little bundle of joy that is coming in the next couple days! I've been super sick this whole pregnancy which has been a change from the other 2 ... Bay and Bos {and Tone} have been really patient with me though!

So starting with me ... the obvious, I'm pregnant and due any day now ... I turned 30 in March {which was a big milestone} Tone got me a puppy I've been so glad that she has been adjusting really well to our family! We named her Foxxy and she's the cutest little dog! I'm still in the YW and love every minute! I have great girls and I love the ladies I serve with too! It's alot of time but so worth it :) Bay thinks she's part of the group too which is fun! Around the house ... I've been cleaning, changing rooms around and doing the normal 'nesting' stuff! I worked for my dad one day a week through tax season and that was really nice to be able to help out! Tone made his schedule work to take the kids that day and it was good for them to have a 'daddy day'.

Tone started doing some financial planning with his mission president at the first of the year and teamed up with my dad to help his clients where he can too. That has been awesome for us ... he's taken off with it and he's now getting super busy with the construction biz again! We all are just trying to keep pace with him which is a task! He's been doing p90x faithfully and running 4 times a week to get ready to run Ragnar in June ... He's a machine right now and I appreciate all he's been doing for our fam!

Baylee has been in pre-school and learning sooooo much and loving it! She goes to the Little Brick SchoolHouse with her cousin Charly and it's made her grow up so fast! She's quite the artist and loves to draw and write and amazes me daily in what she knows. Also in my re-arranging, I moved Bay and Bos in a room together and they have bunk beds and LOVE sharing a room! now Lil Miss Bella will have Bays room for her nursery ;) She's a great big sister and can't wait to have this baby here!

Boston is more boy than ever ... He proves daily he is his daddy's boy ;) he is always in the dirt and wanting to be on a bike or 4-wheeler. Tone takes him to work with him every once in a while too and he loves to be on the job by tractors, tools and all the 'man' stuff! It's fun to see his personality come out more and more as he is growing up way too fast! He is my little snuggler and I know he'll be so glad when I can hold him better again without this big belly getting in the way! lol!

Well, that's about it in the short version ... I feel like we are continually blessed and lucky to have each other! I had April take some pics the other day for me before I lose this lovely belly and she sent me a sneak peak of one of them today! She is so talented and I'm sooooo glad she captured this time for me! I'll leave you with this cute picture and can't wait to see more and meet Bella in person real soon!